Company Profile


Offshoring Made Easy

ERP Outsourcing it services is one of the most specialized Software R&D Service providers in the world, dedicated to partner with ISV's in their growth and sourcing strategies. Headquartered in usa …….. with our delivery facility in Bangalore, India, we conduct business all over the world. We help software R&D companies to be successful in offshore outsourcing. With our decades of experience in setting up and running distributed software R&D companies and departments we are able to make offshoring easy for our customers.

Scope and Identity 
Since its inception ERP Outsourcing it services has had a year-over-year growth of more than 50%, and is now serving customers with dedicated R&D teams ranging in size from as small as 4 people to as large as 50 people.

We do this out of our unique 'R&D as a Service' concept of dedicated, carefully selected teams. Supported by our expertise in software development and management. The teams operate from our facility in Hyderabad, fully integrated with the customers R&D department. We take care of setting up a team that is fully customized towards the customer's needs, using our experienced recruitment department, and support the team by our management, facilities, and ICT infrastructure. The customer takes care of integrating the team into their daily operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As a company, and as individuals we take pride in contributing to the communities we live and work in.

ERP Outsourcing it service has a strong feeling for seeing its employees not as a resource to be used, but as capital to be invested in. This means we spend a lot of energy in creating growth opportunities for our people, and in supporting them in taking up social responsibilities apart from their business careers.

The company also supports both financially and time wise, several social development projects in India, in order to promote sustainable wealth creation throughout the world. We feel that the only sustainable wealth situation in the world of today would be a global wealth situation, and we want to actively take part in getting there.