Human Capital


ERP Outsourcing IT services recognizes the fact the building software is not all about programming but about those vital individuals who strive to ignite their minds to build great software. Taking utmost care and pride in its Human Capital is the founding principle for ERP Outsourcing .
Sustainable Human Capital Development as practiced at ERP Outsourcing is: 

"The set of processes, policies and conditions that enable continuous personal and professional growth of individuals along with contribution to the organization." 

In short the sustainable Human Capital Development at ERP Outsourcing is coined as ARG (Attract, Retain and Grow).
The ARG strategy of ERP Outsourcing balances the aspirations of all the stake holders viz-a-viz:

. Customers :
o Ensures that right set of people are hired to compliment the product development capabilities of the existing members.
o Ensures that the offshore team plugs in to the parent team and both teams in a short time become a single unified team 

. Employees :
o Enables the individuals to be able to contribute on their strengths and over time iron out their weaknesses
o Individuals are connected seamlessly and transparently across locations to be able to make the right decisions both with respect to work and career 

. ERP Outsourcing IT services:
o Ensures that each of our customers is able to seamlessly expand their business beyond boundaries 

Few facts about Hyderabad 

ERP Outsourcing is setup in the city of Hyderabad which is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Hyderabad has a population of 8 million and AP has a population of 80 Million. Hyderabad is strategically located with very good air and road connectivity to locations both inside and outside of India. There are over 500+ Software companies based out of Hyderabad. Some of the major product software development companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, TCS, Wipro & Infosys have their development locations setup in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad forms a good offshore location for the customers of ERP Outsourcing as the talent pool in IT is large and varied. Experienced professionals are readily available within Hyderabad and also from within other major IT locations in India.

The state of Andhra Pradesh has a rich pool of people coming out from its college's year on year. Below are some numbers on the available fresh talent pool in the state:

. 500 Engineering Colleges with total output is 180000 professionals out of which 60000 are IT professionals 
. 600 Colleges for Bachelors in Computer Applications, 30000 students each year (all are IT professionals) 
. 400 Colleges for Masters in Computer Applications, 23000 professionals each year (all are IT professionals) 
. 250 Colleges for MBA, 18000 professionals each year (about 10% are IT professionals) 
. 125 Polytechnic colleges, 27500 Technicians each year (about 20% are IT professionals) 

ERP Outsourcing hiring practices

ERP Outsourcing has the best in class hiring practices owing to its inherent strength in the Human Capital Development Area. We have strategic partnerships with placement companies to help fill in the open positions. Also we encourage our employees to refer their friends to fill in the new positions. Our employee referral policy has served us well in the sense of being able to attract the right people and also to retain them cause of the strong feedback given by existing employees. 

Apart from the referral policy and partnerships with placement companies, we have a strong personal network in the IT circles which enables us to get right people for the right job. Our employees are members in some of the best know IT forums and groups. 

ERP Outsourcing is also a prime mover in connecting the academia and the industry to enable each of them to play a complimentary role towards each other. ERP Outsourcing has made some strides in this regards by channelizing a cause named coConnect. coConnect aims to increase the chances of employability of the next generation by aligning academia to the needs of the industry. The model is best depicted as below.