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As any HR Manager knows, the most important resource of his/her organization is the Human resource – their core foundation and backbone. The scenario has become all the more complex in the last decade with global opportunities, rapid growth and extreme competition. Business needs and deliverables have evolved in a manner that demand flexible recruiting options. It is imperative that your organization has suitable processes in place for their proper functioning & work satisfaction levels.

ERP Outsourcing is a one-stop solution provider who can help modern organizations to overcome their business challenges. ERP Outsourcing understands the complexity of human resource issues presented by the ever-changing global economy.

ERP Outsourcing has a well documented Quality Management System (QMS), which enables us to deliver quick and quality products and services. We are totally focused on customer satisfaction and continual improvement. ERP Outsourcing Quality Policy is to ensure total customer satisfaction by offering world-class services and products developed with uncompromising standards of quality 

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  •  Quantitative measurement 

Datec has about twenty-seven different procedures covering all the stages of the Software development Life Cycle (SDLC). The main development stages like Project Planning, Software Requirements Specification (SRS), Design, Coding, Testing, Product Document Support, Installation and Maintenance all have well defined procedures and templates to be followed so as to achieve consistency and repeatability. 

The QMS also provides procedures for stage-wise reviews, defect tracking and the periodic checking of the effectiveness of the system itself by conducting Internal Quality Audits (IQA). 

Several metrics are identified to quantitatively measure features like customer satisfaction, defect removal efficiency, schedule slippage etc. Data are collected and metrics calculated and analyzed. The results are discussed in the Management Review meetings (MRC) periodically to improve the system.