RAC Database(10g&11g)

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) Services 
ERP Outsourcing team of experienced RAC engineers is ready to install, configure, and support your organization’s RAC environment. RAC is a breakthrough technology that can bring outstanding scalability and high availability to your organization’s Oracle Databases, if it is properly configured. 

ERP Outsourcing RAC engineers have experience in working with nearly every type of cluster environment. This allows ERP Outsourcing to offer a comprehensive range of RAC services that include:

. Oracle RAC Advisory Services This service focuses on education and high-level planning for a RAC implementation, including advice on whether RAC is right for you. 

. Oracle RAC Healthcheck Services This service is an expert review of an existing RAC configuration. During each Healthcheck, our engineers examine the specific issues that concern you, evaluate your entire cluster, network, and database configuration, document all performance metrics, and deliver their recommendations. 

. Oracle RAC System Design and Implementation Correctly configuring a new RAC cluster is complicated. Our team will correctly design and install your cluster the first time and ensure that your RAC environment is stable. 

. Oracle Database Administration for RAC Environments RAC requires monitoring and maintenance in order to remain effective. IT Convergence provides cost-effective database administration services that will optimize the performance of your RAC configuration. 

. General Oracle RAC Consulting If your needs fall outside one of our predefined services, IT Convergence will be happy to provide you with a customized solution. 

ERP Outsourcing team of RAC Engineers is comprised of certified Oracle professionals. They have implemented RAC solutions for organizations of every size across a broad spectrum of industries. Our RAC Engineers are regular presenters at international Oracle user-group community events where they have established themselves as leaders in the field.