Product Development

pdProduct Life Cycle Model

The product life cycle model is the core of our Offshore Development Centre. Every Software Product has a Life Cycle. There is a beginning, and although we usually like to extend the life as much as possible, there is inevitably an end. Business wise there is nothing wrong with this as long as companies in due time (not too early, not too late) renew themselves with new products, or versions on products. 

From operational perspective the Product Life Cycle is an important model. This is because different phases in the life cycle of a product require different types of attention, different types of teams and different types of development people. The models ERP Outsourcing offers are therefore based on the phases within the product lifecycle model. 

In ERP Outsourcing we have extensive experience with product software development, and product life cycle related aspects. Product software companies have a product portfolio with life cycles for all their products. For each product the reality is that successful development is not a one-off, but a continuous effort, growing from one phase into another over time. It involves extensive buildup and retention of know-how, often referred to as IP (intellectual property). Because we realize this, we have adopted three baseline Offshore Development Centre Models, fitting into the needs of a company regardless of the phase its products are in.