Java Technologies

Java technology provides a truly write-once-execute-anywhere capability which is required in todays networked and distributed environments. ERP Outsourcing Information Technology has strong skills and experience in working with Java Technologies. Within this area, we have been engaged in the development and deployment of secure, portable, reliable, and scalable applications. With the efficient use of a range of Java development products, 

we have been providing solutions to most of the network related domains, spanning devices ranging from the desktop PCs to Embedded Computer in Cars and also SmartPhones. 

Our teams of Java professionals promise fundamentally strong experience and knowledge over the following key Java technologies. We also have the complimentary background in Object Oriented Design to enable us to exploit the advantages of Java Technology to the maximum. 

Our expertise: 

ERP Outsourcing Information Technology is experienced and skilled in the applications of the following Java Technologies: Core Java Language Expertise : 
Core Java, J2SE ( ver 1.1.8 – 1.5 ), AWT, Net, IO, Collections, Threads, JNI 

Java Extensions: 
Swing, JavaCard API ( for SmartCards), JDBC, Java2D/3D APIs, JavaComm, JMF 

Java Technology for Enterprise (J2EE): 
JSP, Struts, Servlets, Beans, EJB, Web Services, JNDI, UDDI, LDAP, XML, ebXML, JAXP, JDOM, SAX 

Java Technology for Mobile and Wireless Applications (J2ME): 
Midlets, Xlets, CLDC 1.0/1.1, MIDP 1.0/2.0, CDC, CVM, KVM, Wireless Messaging API, MultiMedia API, JTWI, Bluetooth API, SIP API, Telephony API, TV API, PersonalJava, Embedded Java, Java Card, WebSphere Everyplace Client 

Development/Testing Tools: 
Borland JBuilder, Eclipse IDE, WebSphere Studio, ANT, JUnit, TogetherJ, OptimizeIT